Friday, April 13, 2007

So three weeks later...

...I finally have a second to post a few more pictures. Actually these were taken yesterday. I was having the hardest time keeping her asleep in that cold metal basket (go figure..shesh :) ) but the good ol' vacuum cleaner came through for me again, turned that thing on and she was out and stayed sleep. Best tip I ever got for a newborn session is to keep the vacuum close.

Oh isn't she just SO DANG CUTE!!

This one was done on my window shelf, blowing out the window. I also bounced my flash to put life back in her eyes. I also had to take this picture with her gink as I hadn't turned on the vacuum yet, and because my other 2 kids refused to use one, wanted to document that she loves it!

Okay so one (or more) of these pictures will be used for her announcement, which one would you choose? I am having a hard time choosing.