Thursday, March 27, 2008

K + M = {Sneak Peek}

...You two are the PERFECT couple-so cute and very obviously head over heels in LOVE!

I have started going through all the many many pictures and I have to say with everyone I open I like them more and more. Here are a few ... I will set up your gallery in a couple of weeks when ALL of them are done!

Thank you SO SO much for letting me be a part of your super fun day, hope you had a great honeymoon!


Anonymous said...
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Crystal said...

I really love that silhoutte picture - incredibly pretty!!

Amy N said...

thank you Crystal! That is one of my favorites! I love the heart their heads make :)

Alisha said...

Beautiful pics!!! Love that first shot.

That is SOOO funny! What a small world. What would even make you think of MEEEEE!!!! Should of asked if it was me & said hi :-)