Saturday, January 13, 2007

1st Engagement of the Year

So I can honestly say it is my favorite! These were taken at Beus Pond, The Union Station and 25th Street. It was a frigid 16* F today at best. We were very glad to have had the sun! Of course some cloud coverage would have provided warmer temps.

There isn't a lot of post production done to these, and I was so loving the color that I didn't even convert one to black and white. If you want to know my EXIF data or see one converted let me know.

...So here are a bunch of them...


cares said...

hey amy the pictures look great! crystal looks amazing and brett looks pretty good too i guess... :) i think that the first one is my favorite! just think in about 6 years you can put my pictures on it too!! are you doing the wedding pictures too?

Alisha said...

Beautiful Amy!!! I really love the coloring of these! Awesome location & captures. BRRRR is right....BUT they look cool in their hat, scarves & gloves...LOVE IT!!!! ;)