Friday, December 14, 2007

Calling all parents of older kids/tweens...

...I am updating my portfolio for the 2008 year and realized that I don't have any new images of any kids older than 6 and I really want a well balanced portfolio :)
I am looking for ages 7-14 but wouldn't refuse 15-16 year olds

SO>>> if you have a child, or know of a child that lives in the Northern Utah or Southern Idaho area and is willing to let me to borrow them for my portfolio please reply here or email me (fill out the contact form on my website ) and I will get back to you about when and where and all the other fun details. Sessions will not take place until after Christmas (possibly during Christmas break)

What is in it for you? Well until I fill my quota you will receive a complimentary session (a $100 value) and prints 25% off...or a babysitter (of said child) for 2 hours if you don't want any prints.

Thank you!

I will leave you with the oldest child in my portfolio to date...isn't he a stud!


Cares said...

he is quite the stud muffin!! :) if you came to st george i could book you for a week!! no lie everyone down here loves your work!

Amy N said...

Aw Thanks! I would love to come down there!

Cares said...

then what are you waiting for??