Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The cutest baby ever...

...but I a bit biased as she is mine *heart*

She is nine months and the perfect little model for these leggings and hats. Trust me there will be lots more to come, but one set a day is about all she can stand :)

As I have had a lot of inquires about the hats and leggings I have created a new blog... http://frillsndeals.blogspot.com/ (I know that is all I need...another blog ;) )

this is how she tells me she is done for the session

Watch for more to come...these are so much fun!


Cares said...

amy i want leggings and i am dead serious!!

Bethany said...

Love the hat and leg warmers! I'd love more info. :o) bethany@bellaamadis.com

Amy N said...

hey check out the new blog (link is on the side) Frills and Deals

amanda said...

Ohmygoodness! These are adorable, the pics, the sweet little girl, and the accessories! Love it!

Thanks for your visits to my blog lately! :)